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We promise you a premium legal transcription service from a small Australian owned and operated business. Type Transcripts engages professional transcribers who are highly skilled individuals focused on providing you an accurate transcript of your recording.  You speak to the Business Manager every time and this business is about delivering your transcript promptly and on time through an efficient streamlined service.  Type Transcripts engages experienced court reporters who have been transcribing recordings from courts and tribunals for many years.  Their wealth of experience is highly sought after in the field of legal transcription. Our difference is the attention to detail, including correct punctuation and researching specific terminology to ensure your transcript has integrity.  This is a superior service offering quality transcripts every time for clients who need it done correctly the first time!

Professional Australian Transcription Services

We do not outsource offshore to cheap overseas transcribers, nor do we use voice recognition software.  Your transcripts are prepared by real people.   The business has been delivering high quality transcription services for many years with a very reputable customer base.  For further details about transcription services on offer:  Read more

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Many competitors guarantee 98% or 99% accuracy.  If your recording is 60 minutes in length, this would mean, on average, 8000 words typed over 13 pages.  A 98% accuracy rate means your transcript could have anywhere up to 160 errors. A 99% accuracy rate will still give you up to 80 errors and that’s just in a one-hour recording.  Type Transcripts offer 99.99% accuracy with our transcription services if you provide clear audio files.

Provided your audio recording is clear, we will provide a minimum 99.99% accuracy rate which means less than 8 errors across your entire transcript for a 60-minute recording.  We actually set the benchmark at 100% but yes we are human.  The professional transcribers that are sourced are highly experienced audio transcription typists and have experience in a wide range of vocabulary across many industries, meaning your transcript has integrity.

The Transcription Process

You will speak to the Business Manager only, who coordinates all the work and provides the quotes. Your audio files are uploaded via a secure online link using Citrix Sharefile OR via the website File Upload page.  Your transcript is prepared as a Word document by a real person (not voice recognition software) and your transcript is returned electronically via a secure downloadable link.  Quotes are provided up front and the price will depend on quality of audio, required turnaround time and the number of speakers.

How much will Legal Transcription Services cost?

Type Transcripts charges a fixed price per audio minute, allowing you to know the cost of your transcription project upfront. Our transcription rates are competitive with other quality transcription service providers and our on-time service is user-friendly and second to none. It is a very cost-effective way of outsourcing your legal transcription needs and staying within your budget.

Every transcription job is individual and quotes are provided based on quality of audio, the number of speakers and your required turnaround time for completion of the work.  Our pricing is reflective of the quality transcription services you receive.  You will be quoted per audio minute so you know the cost of your transcript upfront, based on the length of the audio.  Please contact us for your firm quote.

  • Length of recording?
  • Identification of speakers required?
  • Time frame required?
  • Audio quality?

Phone for a quote 0438265155 or  Click for a quick quote.


You are invoiced at the completion of the job and our terms are 30 days for business and corporate customers.

2-3 day turnaround

Transcripts are returned within 2 to 3 days.  Turnaround for larger projects will be negotiated with you when you contact us.

Urgent Legal Transcription within 24 hours

An additional fee per audio minute will apply for urgent files.

Audio Quality

If your audio quality is poor, an additional surcharge will be applied to enable us to extract as much speech from the audio as possible to give you the most accurate transcript.

The Happy Clients

Our happy clients speak for themselves.  Type Transcripts Pty Ltd commenced in 2004 and has built and maintained a healthy client base in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and throughout Australia, Our attention to detail and speedy delivery of transcripts means our clients return again and again.

If you have any questions about our legal transcription services please email or call us on 0438265155

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