From start-up to success

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Type Transcripts was the vision of Sue Jacobs, now Managing Director. Having a long career in local and state government in Queensland, Sue left her role as an audio court reporter in 2007 and started the dream of owning her own transcription services business and being her own boss.

Calling on her extensive experience, Sue began with an idea and pursued that idea with a passion. The name ‘Type Transcripts’ was as simple as asking her then 9 year old son what she should call her new transcription business.

9 year old: “What do you actually do Mum?”

Sue: “I type transcripts”.

9 year old: “You should call it Type Transcripts”.

And so there you have it, the birth of a business name and domain name straight from a 9 year old. Since then, Sue has never looked back.

Designing a website for Type Transcripts with the technical assistance of a webmaster and putting in place policies and processes for receiving digital files online was the first step in what was to become a very successful start-up venture. Sue used her skills as an experienced court reporter and audio typist to prepare transcripts for a quickly emerging client base.

Very soon her business model had to evolve and a team of independent subcontractors was engaged to assist with the ever-increasing transcription load. Sue drew on her experience and contacts in the court system to source a highly professional team of audio transcribers, many of whom were made redundant by the Queensland state government when the transcription of court proceedings was outsourced to the private sector.

The transcription services team has rapidly built and the dedication and passion that each transcriber demonstrates to prepare an accurate and quality transcript is a testament to the quality that Type Transcripts encourages within its business.

In 2017, Type Transcripts became a private company and looks forward to taking progressive steps in securing an even bigger market share within the transcription services industry in Australia.

While the core business of Type Transcripts is to transcribe the contents of digital recordings into a Word document, Sue has introduced offline captioning services providing captioning files for post-production web content, including webinars and online videos. Quality captioning software is used to produce accurate synchronised text for web video content.

The future is exciting and Type Transcripts will continue to offer quality transcription and transcribing services across Australia for its valued clients delivering service so exceptional it creates a benchmark for quality, accuracy and delivery times. Please visit our transcription services home page for additional information on services or call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 for an upfront quote.