Quality Transcription Services


Cheap versus Quality

If quality, accuracy and on-time delivery of transcripts is important to you in a transcription service then there are a few factors you need to consider before engaging a transcription service. There are plenty of cheap alternatives advertised online but you should be aware that your files will be sent offshore and prepared by non-native English speakers.

‘You get what you pay for’

The term ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies in the transcription services industry. The money you save when engaging an overseas transcription service will more often than not be wasted as you spend hours correcting and editing your transcript. Words and phrases may not be correctly applied, regional terms will not have any context to foreign transcribers due to the language and cultural differences, costing you more time correcting errors that can make the financial savings not worth it.

Type Transcripts is a local Australian business and the business manager is always contactable during business hours on mobile 0438265155 or Contact Us. Overseas alternatives mean different currencies, different time zones, recorded voice hotlines and communication difficulties. At Type Transcripts you will speak to a real person every time. If your project is close to deadline, the last thing you need is to be unable to contact your service provider. Type Transcripts prides itself on superior customer service focused on quality transcription services. You will be supporting the Australian economy by engaging genuine Australian transcribers.

As a quality transcription provider, we are often faced with defending our transcription quotes against overseas online providers who often deal in huge volumes of work and provide no guarantees of any substance or value to their client. If this still has not convinced you to use an Australian transcription service then we have detailed transcription accuracy rates advertised online in our blog which explains how accurate a 98% accuracy rate is compared to a 99% accuracy rate AND compared to our 99.99% accuracy rate offered for clear recordings. You will find all overseas online transcription companies will offer between 98% and 99% accuracy. If you read our blog on transcription accuracy rates, you might reconsider how accurate your transcript is guaranteed to be. Type Transcripts offer 99.99% accuracy. We aim for 100% accuracy, but yes we are human.

Audio Transcription Explained

A transcriber uses specific software, headsets and a foot pedal to maneuver through your recording. We must listen to every word and transcribe it word-for-word. For anyone who has tried to transcribe their own audio recordings, you will truly understand this is not ‘just typing’. A clear 60-minute recording will take a very experienced transcriber at least four hours to transcribe the file. That file must then be proof-read. Add to that, accents, background noise, interjections, people speaking over each other, fast speakers – this all adds to the time it takes to rewind, re-listen, rewind, re-listen. To add another layer of difficulty, transcribers are required to ensure industry-specific terminology that relates to a particular audio file is checked online, including people’s names, place names and other relevant information contained on the audio file. This is the type of service you will receive from a quality transcription service . Make Type Transcripts your smart choice in quality Australian transcription services.

Transcription Services – Contact Us

The business manager is available on mobile 0438265155. Sue will provide an upfront transcription quote and answer any of your transcription questions. You will always be kept up-to-date on your transcription project. Our number one priority is customer service and quality transcription services every time. Contact Us.