Specialising in Transcription of Workplace Investigations

The transcribing team at Type Transcripts specialise in transcribing workplace investigations across a wide range of industries.  The team work together on projects to ensure consistency across transcripts with regard to format and style, terminology, people’s names, places and industry jargon.  This ensures your transcripts are accurate and consistent, in turn, saving clients valuable analysis time.  

The business manager will discuss your security needs and provide a comprehensive explanation of how your data will be handled and destroyed upon completion of the work.  We offer password protected documents and password protected logins to access confidential transcripts.  Please refer to the security page for further information. 

The transcription team are all bound by non-disclosure agreements and a copy of this is available should you require it.  Please contact us for further information. 

The data is stored on Citrix Sharefile and all data is stored on Australian servers.  The team are all located in Australia.  Data is destroyed on the completion of the work and a verifying email will be sent to confirm its deletion. 

For further general information about how the process works, please visit the transcription services page.  If you would like to discuss further, please call the business manager, Sue Jacobs, on 0438265155 or Contact Us for a quick quote. 

Other services include: urgent transcription, legal transcription, academic transcription, finance transcription, media transcription, interview transcription, conference transcription, meeting transcription and research transcription.  

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Investigation Interviews Transcription Services