What is Offline Closed Captions

Offline closed captions provide the part of the content available via the audio track. Captions not only include dialogue, but identify who is speaking and include non-speech information conveyed through sound, including meaningful sound effects.  They are written in the language of the video.

The Process

You upload your video files via file sharing such as Dropbox, a URL or any suitable file sharing platform.  The video is downloaded by our team, the transcript is typed and proof read.   The completed and proofed transcript is returned to the client as an electronic Microsoft Word document.   The transcript is then imported into the captioning software and time coded to synchronise the text with the video file.  The caption file/s are exported depending upon which media playback device you intend displaying the video on.  To support a variety of playback devices your provider may need to stream the video in multiple formats which will need multiple caption file formats.  Please discuss this with your webmaster or IT people about the specifics of the media playback devices and the captioning file formats  they will require. You will receive the transcript plus the caption file for your video.

Web Video

Type Transcripts will create professional high-quality offline closed captions for your web video content.

It is important you speak to your IT department as to what media player will be streaming your video.  We can provide the captioning files in all the standard formats for players like QuickTime, Real Media, Flash and Windows Media.  We can provide caption files for video hosting services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Because there is no single video format that is supported by every media playback device, a website may need to stream the video in multiple formats.  The same applies to caption files.  No single caption file format will be suitable for every media playback device.  You need to discuss with your webmaster or IT department as to what media playback device will be used so the appropriate captioning file format is provided to support that device.  We are happy to discuss this further with you.

Post-production Web Captioning

Type Transcripts uses high-end software to produce your caption files.  This software provides for a large number of formats for captioning video files for video on demand (VOD) on the web, including:

  • SMPTE Timed Text (SMPTE 2052): A new standard for captioning for the web.
  • WebVTT: Another standard for captioning and subtitling web videos, frequently used with HTML5 and Apple HLS streaming.
  • DFXP (TTML): Used by many Flash players and providers such as Brightcove, Limelight, Flowplayer, JW Player etc.
  • iTunes Timed Text (iTT): Used for delivery of iTunes.
  • SRT: Supported by many Flash players and also YouTube.
  • SCC: Supported by YouTube and some other web video players

If you have any questions about Offline Closed Captions services please email manager@typetranscripts.com.au or call us on 0438265155

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