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Type Transcripts prides itself on providing quality transcripts every time.  A genuine Australian small business who cares about good service.

Professional Transcription Services

Offering high quality audio transcription services at affordable rates using a secure SSL/TLS encrypted file sharing service to receive your audio files over the internet.  We deliver fast and reliable transcription of recordings using very experienced and professional transcribers.  

Type Transcripts is an Australian transcription business. We do not outsource to cheap overseas audio transcribers or use voice recognition software.  Your transcripts are prepared by professional transcribers here in Australia.  Transcripts are correctly punctuated, proofread and delivered electronically using Citrix ShareFile which employs SSL/TLS security protocols to protect your information.  We provide superior transcription services offering quality transcription of your audio recordings for clients who need it done correctly the first time!

Your transcription services inquiry and quote is handled personally by the Business Manager.   Phone Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 or click for an upfront transcription services quote. Your inquiry will be handled promptly.

Fast uploads of audio files over the internet to a secure cloud platform means we can service clients Australia wide.  Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, regional Australia or anywhere in between, Type Transcripts can deliver your transcripts electronically within a matter of hours or days, depending on the urgency.  Please Contact Us for a quote or further information on services.  


Cheap Transcription versus Quality Transcription

If accurate transcripts and on-time delivery is important to you in a transcription service then there are a few factors you need to consider before engaging a transcription service. There are many cheap options advertised online but you should be aware that your files will be sent offshore and prepared by non-native English speakers.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies in the transcription services industry. The money you believe you are saving when you engage an overseas transcription service will, more often than not, be wasted as you spend hours correcting and amending your transcript. Words and phrases may not be correctly applied and regional terms will not have any context to foreign transcribers due to the language and cultural differences, costing your precious time correcting those errors.  Therefore, in the long run those savings are lost because your time is wasted fixing up something you have paid for.  


Transcription Services with 99.99% Accuracy

Type Transcripts offer 99.99% accuracy with our transcription services if you provide clear audio files. We always aim for 100% but yes we are human. We have provided some very interesting statistics so please click Transcription Accuracy  for a clear explanation of advertised accuracy rates across the transcription services industry. 

Many competitors guarantee 98% or 99% accuracy.  A  60-minute audio recording will have approximately 8000 words transcribed over 13 pages.  A 98% accuracy rate means your transcript could have up to 160 errors. A 99% accuracy rate up to 80 errors in a 60-minute recording.  With our 99.99% transcription accuracy rate, there will be less than 8 errors in a 60-minute recording. Please visit the Transcription Accuracy page for further information.


Transcription Services Process

  • The Business Manager will respond promptly to your phone or email inquiry, providing an upfront transcription services quote for transcription services and a secure link via email which allows you to securely upload your audio recordings online.
  • Your audio recording is transcribed as a Word document by a skilled transcriber and your transcript is returned electronically via a secure downloadable link.
  • Business clients are invoiced at the completion of the transcription services.


Transcription Services  File Security

ShareFile employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) security protocols to protect authentication, authorization and file transfers. Your files for transcription are encrypted in transit with a minimum of 128-bit encryption. Please visit File Security for further information. 


Transcription Services Pricing

Type Transcripts charges a fixed price per recorded minute, allowing you to know the cost of your transcription services upfront. Our transcription rates are competitive with other quality transcription service providers.  Phone 0438265155 for a quote or  Click for a quick quote.

As a quality transcription provider, we are often faced with defending our transcription quotes against cheaper overseas online providers who often deal in very large volumes of transcription and their accuracy guarantees hold little substance or value.  If this still has not convinced you to use an Australian transcription service then we have done the sums on transcription accuracy rates advertised online in our blog which explains how accurate a 98% accuracy rate is compared to a 99% accuracy rate AND compared to our offering of 99.99% accuracy for clear audio recordings.  Visit our transcription blog for a interesting overview. 

We provide the following transcription services;


Captioning Services 

Type Transcripts uses leading edge software to produce your closed or open captioning files for webinars and online content. Captioning rates are charged per recorded minute.  Please refer to the Captioning Services page for further information of what we offer or Contact Us for a quote. 


Audio Transcription Skills

A transcriber uses specific software, headsets and a foot pedal to manoeuvre through your audio recording. We must listen to every word spoken and transcribe it word-for-word. For anyone who has tried to transcribe their own audio recordings, you will truly understand this is not ‘just typing’. A clear 60-minute audio recording will take a very experienced transcriber at least four hours to transcribe the file. That file is then proof-read. In addition, there is the high likelihood of  accents; background noise; interjections; people speaking over each other; fast speakers – this all adds to the time it takes to rewind, re-listen, rewind, re-listen to your audio file. To add another layer of difficulty, transcribers are required to ensure industry-specific terminology that relates to a particular audio file is checked online, including people’s names, place names and other relevant information contained on the audio file. This is what you should expect to receive from a quality transcription service . Make Type Transcripts your smart choice in quality Australian transcription services. Contact us now for an immediate upfront quote.  Sue Jacobs, the business manager will take your call and answer any further questions you may have in relation to transcription services provided. 

Transcript Formats & Templates

Type Transcripts provides a variety of different options for formatting your transcripts with additional service options including time stamping, built-in time codes (BITC), speaker identification, verbatim, intelligent verbatim and clean verbatim. Visit the transcript Transcription Templates page for a comprehensive list of templates and formatting options.

Transcription Services FAQ

If you have further questions, please phone the business manager on 0438265155 or Contact Us for a quick quote.

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Transcription Services

You can also review the Transcription Services FAQ page which addresses some frequently asked questions about our online transcription services.