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Type Transcripts is an Australian small business that provides professional, trusted and well-organised transcription services. You will be absolutely delighted and amazed by the execution of transcription services delivered. Take advantage of the proven process of loading audio recordings securely over the internet. Furthermore, you can expect high quality transcription together with viable pricing.  We do not outsource offshore. We do not use artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare transcripts. Your transcripts will be prepared by an experienced transcriptionist, delivering precise and accurate transcripts with correct punctuation. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies to transcription. Do not risk delays by needing to send your AI-generated transcripts to a human transcriber for further editing and proofing to get them to a quality that is usable. Type Transcripts delivers a precise, quality transcript prepared by a professional transcriber for every client.

We specialise in interview transcription, legal transcription, workplace investigations, meetings, webinars, podcasts, general dictations and focus groups.

Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian small business, offering quality and on-time transcribing services every time. Accordingly, we do not send work to overseas typists, and we do not use voice recognition software.  Transcripts are prepared by professional transcribers in Australia.  Transcripts are punctuated, proof read and delivered via an email link using Citrix Sharefile. Sharefile employs SSL/TLS security to protect your information.  Client data is erased according to a strict data policy.

Fast, Quality Transcription

The business manager handles all calls and emails quickly. Therefore, you will speak to a real person every time.  Furthermore, a real person will transcribe your audio file, not a software program using artificial intelligence (AI). While everyone looks to work more efficiently, our present experience is that there is a high level of errors and omissions in AI-generated transcripts and our experience has been that it takes longer to edit and correct the transcripts than it does for an experienced transcriptionist to transcribe the audio file. Our core value is quality transcripts and we are driven to meet the needs of our clients across Australia who entrust their audio transcription to Type Transcripts.

Call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 or email

Fast upload of audio files over the internet to a secure cloud platform allows us to service clients Australia wide.  Whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, regional Australia or anywhere in between, Type Transcripts will deliver your transcripts via an email link within a matter of hours or days. This will depend on resources and your request.

Please Contact Us for a quote or to request further information on transcription and typing services.  

Transcription Rates Per Audio Minute

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Transcription is charged per recorded minute of audio. Therefore, this rate will depend on a few factors. The price will take into account how many speakers there are on the recording; how clear the recording is; whether there is background noise; and how quickly you need the transcript returned.

Please call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 for an upfront quote and delivery time.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies in the transcription industry. Hence, Type Transcripts engages only qualified transcribers to prepare transcripts. Furthermore, our transcription team have English as their first language. Accordingly, you can have confidence in Type Transcripts to deliver your transcripts with accuracy and on time, every time, using skilled transcribers and secure data handling. We truly do set the bar high on quality and speedy delivery for transcribing services.

99.999% Accuracy

Type Transcripts Transcription Services provide 99.999% accuracy for clear audio files. We always aim for 100% but yes, we are human. We have provided some very interesting statistics so please read about transcription accuracy for a transparent explanation of advertised accuracy rates across the transcription industry. 

One hour of audio recording will have about 8000 words transcribed over 13 pages.  A 98% accuracy rate means your transcript could have up to 160 errors. A 99% accuracy rate, up to 80 errors in one hour of recording.  We promise a 99.999% transcription accuracy rate, meaning there will be less than 8 errors. Indeed, most of our transcripts are 100% accurate, but we do allow some wiggle room. 

Call the transcription specialists

If you have further questions about our transcribing service, please phone the business manager on 0438265155 or email for a quick quote. Our FAQ has further information. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, you can expect professionalism and quality.

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