Medico-Legal Transcription

Medico-Legal Transcription

Type Transcripts engages highly experienced audio typists who are experienced in transcribing medico-legal dictations. We understand the complexities of these reports, providing attention to detail in ensuring your report is returned accurately and on time every time.  We have a long-term client base of happy medical professionals who continue to use our service as it is reliable, time-saving and cost effective.

Your medical transcription inquiry and quote is handled personally by the Business Manager.  You will not speak to a machine.  Phone 0438265155 for a quote or Click here for a quick quote.

The Process

Medical dictations can be uploaded via our secure file sharing platform or alternatively clients can send the dictations via their preferred method.  Each medical practitioner will have their preferred precedent for their reports or letters.  This can be discussed prior to receiving your quote. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and current practice.

The Pricing

Every job is individual and quotes are provided based on quality of audio, the precedent supplied and the required turnaround time for completion of the work.  Pricing will also depend on whether there is copy typing included or straight dictation.  We offer clients a per line price.  

If you have any questions about our Medico-Legal Transcription services please email or call us on 0438265155

Alternatively you can apply for an Online Quote