Transcription Accuracy

Who is transcribing your file?

To ensure you do not end up paying for transcripts you cannot use, it is a good idea to evaluate where your transcription services will be undertaken. Many competitors offer cheap transcription rates but more often than not, your files are sent overseas to be transcribed by people whose first language is not English or they may even be transcribed using voice recognition software. Not only does this risk the accuracy and quality of your transcript, but also risks your File Security and confidential information being exploited. We do not outsource overseas and we do not use machines to generate an automated transcript. All work is performed by our professional team here in Australia.

Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian online transcription business offering quality transcription services across the country. All work is performed in Australia by competent transcribers. To transcribe a 60-minute recorded interview takes an experienced audio transcriber at least four hours to transcribe the file and proof-read it. It is a very labour-intensive task to accurately transcribe word-for-word what is said in a recording.

Cheap outsourcing overseas puts our industry at risk and gives the transcription industry a bad name when poor quality transcription services are provided. When an online business charges $1 or $1.50 per audio minute to transcribe your files, you can be certain the files are going overseas. Similarly, with artificial intelligence and machine-generated transcription services offering very cheap rates, you are faced with the added bother of either spending your valuable time editing and punctuating the transcript into a readable state. This, in turn, will risk deadlines and not be as cost-effective as originally thought for clients having to use their valuable time fixing up the transcripts. It is always better to leave it to trained transcribers to do what they do best, leaving you to do what you do best.

How accurate is accurate?

Type Transcripts offers 99.99% accuracy where a clear audio recording is provided. We often achieve 100% accuracy rates but we do allow for some human error. It can be quite staggering when you calculate an error rate even calculating on 99% accuracy.

Transcription Services Accuracy Rates

A  60-minute recording will have approximately 8000 words typed over approximately 15 to 20 pages.  A 98% accuracy rate means your transcript could have up to 160 errors. Even calculating a 99% accuracy rate will mean up to 80 errors. We offer a minimum of 99.99% accuracy rate which means there will be less than 8 errors across your transcript, given it is a clear recording with no accents and no background noise. These three calculations are all based on a 60-minute recording. So guarantees of 98% and 99% accuracy in the industry are quite meaningless when it comes to preparing an accurate transcript.

For audio quality that is less than ideal, which can include background noise, thick accents and people speaking over each other, the accuracy will still be extremely high but your transcript will include the use of (indistinct) or a (time stamp) to indicate where a word could not be understood, allowing you to fill in the blanks accurately. Please phone 0438265155 or click for a transcription services quote.

Transcription Skills

While the physical skill of transcription is typing, understanding language and context of speech, together with excellent punctuation skills are primarily what makes a quality transcript. Transcription services is definitely not ‘just typing’. The team at Type Transcripts spend a lot of time researching the terminology when preparing a transcript to ensure the integrity of the content. Because the Type Transcripts’ team are all located in Australia, they have regional context and are able to identify the names of specific people, places and events with accuracy. We understand cost is a factor in all projects, but when accuracy is called for at a competitive rate please contact Type Transcripts for a transcription services quote.

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