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Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian transcription service. Quality Australian transcription for every client. We do not outsource to overseas transcribers and we do not use voice recognition software. We are a proud small business and engage quality Australian transcribers to transcribe your recordings.

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Your quality transcripts are prepared by real people every time. There are many overseas providers who offer cheap rates for transcription services and make promises of 98% and 99% accuracy. If you read our blog on Transcription Accuracy rates, you will have a better understanding of how many errors make up those promises of accuracy.

A  60-minute recording will have approximately 8000 words typed.  A 98% accuracy rate means your transcript could have almost 160 errors. Even a 99% accuracy rate will mean up to 80 errors. We offer a minimum of 99.99% accuracy rate which means there will be less than 8 errors across your transcript, given it is a clear recording. We aim for 100% but yes we are human.

So if quality transcription and accuracy is important to you AND on-time delivery of transcripts, then there are a few factors you need to consider before engaging a transcription service. Cheap transcription is always advertised online but you should be aware that your audio files will be sent offshore and transcribed by non-native English speakers.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies in the transcription services industry. The money you believe you are saving when engaging an overseas transcription service will more often than not be wasted as you spend hours correcting and amending your transcript. Words and phrases may not be correctly applied, local or regional terms will not have any context to foreign transcribers due to the language and cultural differences. This will end up costing you more time correcting errors for a service you have paid for. You will be asking yourself if it was worth it.

Type Transcripts is a regional Australian business and the business manager is always contactable during business hours on mobile 0438265155 or Contact Us. We service clients around the country every single day, and all audio and transcripts are transferred via the internet.

Overseas competitors mean different different time zones, recorded voice hotlines, different currencies and communication difficulties. At Type Transcripts you will speak to the business manager each time. If your project is close to deadline, the last thing you need is to be unable to contact the business undertaking your transcription. Type Transcripts prides itself on superior customer service focused on quality Australian transcription services. You will be supporting the Australian economy by engaging genuine Australian transcribers.

Our Australian team

Our team are all located in Australia and their first language is English. The team are highly professional and only experienced transcribers are used to prepare your transcript. All transcripts are proofed and we pride ourselves on providing a quality transcription service.

Transcribers will ensure correct spelling and punctuation. Industry-specific terminology is researched online to ensure your transcript has integrity.

To transcribe a 60-minute recording can take an experienced transcriber between four and five hours to complete. Our transcription rates reflect the fees that quality transcribers deserve for their transcription services. Some overseas providers who advertise online in Australia charge as little as $1.00 per audio minute which means the people transcribing this work are being paid around $6 an hour for their work. Whilst it makes the industry difficult to compete, we also hear the many stories of dissatisfaction when a client has used the overseas transcription companies, only to have a transcript they cannot use. It continues to bring the industry into disrepute when quality work is not provided.

Trust your recordings to Type Transcripts

We do promise a first-class, genuine Australian transcription experience for your transcription services. We do promise a quality product. We do promise to meet your deadline. So please call 0438265155 and speak to the Business Manager or contact us for a quick quote.

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