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Transcripts prepared from audio recordings of workplace investigations and interviews, with urgent turnarounds are available. Importantly, there is no compromise on quality and all transcripts are carefully checked, resulting in Type Transcripts being a frontrunner within the transcription industry in Australia. Transcribing interviews, conducted as part of workplace investigations forms the core of our client base. Notably, Type Transcripts consistently delivers exceptional service, thereby setting the benchmark for quality, accuracy and delivery times. We do not outsource offshore. We do not use artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare your investigation and interview transcripts. All transcripts are prepared by real people, ensuring accurate precision, correct punctuation and correct speaker identification.

The transcription team are driven to ensure each workplace interview transcript is accurate and correct punctuation applied, in order for the investigator and interviewee to prepare accurate statements.

Quality workplace investigations transcribed, being part of our core business, means workplace investigators have access to experienced, professional transcribers on tap 7 days a week. For example, please refer to our Testimonials.

Confidentiality and Data Security

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Confidentiality agreements are available upon request. Furthermore, Citrix Sharefile uses Australian servers to transfer client data. Equally important, processes are in place to destroy audio and transcripts on completion of the work. Finally, Type Transcripts has an additional layer of security offering password protection and multi-factor authentication. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Workplace investigators upload the audio files for transcription to a secure folder in Sharefile. For that reason, clients access their completed transcripts from their secure client folder in Sharefile, which allows access for downloading and saving. Workplace Investigators will send recordings immediately after the interview, effectively allowing the audio to be allocated immediately for transcription. Consequently, the fast turnaround for transcription means the workplace investigator has access to completed transcripts for evaluation and reporting, resulting in considerable time saved.

Workplace Investigation Transcription Specialists

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Please Contact Us for a quote or email for a fast quote. The business manager will promptly respond. Please call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155. Sue has over 20 years’ experience in the industry. The team are available 7 days a week and fast return times are available.

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