Transcription Rates

Transcription Services Charges

Type Transcripts charges per recorded minute so you know the price upfront for your transcription services. The rate per audio minute will depend on a number of factors including: how many speakers; speaker identification; thick accents; full verbatim or intelligent verbatim; turnaround time for completion of the transcription services and the quality of the recording. The Business Manager will answer all inquiries promptly and provide a firm quote via email or phone. Please call 0438265155 or click for a transcription services quote online.

Our rates are competitive with other quality transcription providers in Australia. Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian online transcription service. We do not outsource offshore to cheaper overseas transcribers as Type Transcripts concentrates on providing high quality, accurate transcription services. We do provide excellent service and quality transcripts.

Click for a Transcription Services Quote for the following transcription services;

Intelligent Verbatim

Provides a clean transcript of your recording which removes false starts, repeated words and small interjections that do not affect the context of the transcript. This allows for ease of reading. Refer to Transcription Templates.

Full Verbatim

Type Transcripts provides full verbatim when requested. All interruptions, interjections, false starts, repeated words are typed exactly as they are said on the recording. Refer to Transcription Templates.

Clean Verbatim

Provides a clean transcript where sentence fillers are removed, interjections, repeated words, false starts are all removed and you are provided clean Q&A for ease of reading and analysis. Refer to Transcription Templates.

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Transcription Services Rates