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Type Transcripts was established in 2007 and is a start-up success story! It consistently provides quality transcription services across Australia. Most importantly, delivering service so exceptional, it creates a very high benchmark for quality, transcription accuracy and delivery times across the industry. Type Transcripts takes pride in engaging a quality team of transcribers who are driven to provide precise and accurate transcripts.

Type Transcripts is a dedicated, Australian owned and operated transcription business. Ultimately, what began as a start-up in 2007, soon became a leading online transcription service. The success it enjoys is a direct result of the amazing team of professional transcribers. The Company Director has over 28 years’ experience in the transcription industry.

Court transcribers, legal secretaries and other professional transcribers form the team at Type Transcripts. Possessing a broad range of experience across many administrative areas, subsequently, this combination of experience delivers transcripts with integrity. We do not outsource offshore. We do not use artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare transcripts. Our present position is that the level of manual editing and corrections involved in cleaning up AI-generated transcripts outweighs any efficiencies gained from a machine-generated transcript.

Transcribers are located in Australia. Confidentiality is a priority. The team are all bound by Confidentiality Agreements. Additionally, Australian servers securely store the data.

Sharefile will upload client audio recordings over the internet. Secondly, the transcript is prepared as an editable Word document. Thirdly, the transcript is carefully proofed. Finally, the transcript is electronically sent via a secure link for downloading and saving by the client.

Our vision is to build and maintain a steady and consistent client base, focusing primarily on quality of transcripts and fast delivery. Importantly, our clients enjoy a seamless experience from a fast upload option for audio recordings, fast responses to enquiries and quote requests, and fast delivery of accurate transcripts on time, every time.

Phone Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 or email manager@typetranscripts.com.au for a quote. Refer to our transcription services for a more in-depth explanation of our services.

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