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Legal Transcription Services

Specialist legal transcription services for transcribing interviews, tribunals, meetings, witness interviews and general legal recordings.  Indeed, our service is so exceptional, it sets the standard for quality, precision and delivery times across the industry. Hence, barristers and solicitors take advantage of our competitive transcription rates and on-demand service capabilities to outsource overflow transcription needs. We do not outsource offshore. We do not use artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare transcripts. All transcripts are prepared by real people.

Type Transcripts is a front runner for fast, same day or next day return for urgent legal transcription services. Our audio typists will type your court documents, file notes, statements and letters from legal dictations received via secure online file transfer.  Type Transcripts has a team of dedicated transcribers here in Australia. We do not use machine-generated (AI) to prepare transcripts. Our present opinion is that the amount of time spent correcting errors in an AI prepared transcript takes longer than it does for an experienced transcriber to prepare the transcript from scratch. Whilst everyone likes to work smarter and more efficiently, our core value is to prepare quality transcripts for clients and we are yet to experience an AI tool that is suitable for legal recordings and multi-speaker meetings and interviews.

Court typists, legal typists and other professional typists form the team at Type Transcripts. Possessing a broad range of experiences across many subject matters sets the high standard of work.

Secure File Transfer

Citrix ShareFile employs SSL/TLS encryption to receive and deliver your confidential files. Therefore, the sensitive digital files are transferred and stored securely.  Please refer to File Security for further information. Furthermore, the audio typists are all bound by agreements to ensure your sensitive information is protected. All data is stored on Australian servers.

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Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian transcription business. We do not send work overseas, nor use voice recognition software.  Real people prepare your legal documents.  Transcripts have correct punctuation, proof read and delivered via a link. We provide superior service offering quality legal transcription services for clients who need it done right the first time!

Audio typists are located across Australia. Additionally, audio typists are available 7 days a week. Notwithstanding, this is subject to available resources and the work schedule.

Phone 0438265155 for a quote or email The Business Manager will respond to your call or online inquiry quickly. Alternatively, contact us.

Transcription with 99.99% accuracy

Whilst the physical skill for transcription services is typing; language skills are the primary skills we look for in our transcribers. To produce a quality and precise transcript, audio typists must have excellent language skills, correct punctuation and have local context to enable them to identify specific terms, places, people and events when typing from audio. Our team are sourced from around Australia and have a career history as a court reporter or legal secretary.

Type Transcripts offer 99.99% accuracy with our legal transcription services if you provide high quality, clear audio files. We always aim for 100% but yes we are human. Our team are made up people who have many years experience transcribing legal dictations and interviews and have industry knowledge of legal terms and preparation of documents.

Please read our Transcription Accuracy page for further information on the quality we achieve with our legal transcription services.

Transcription & Dictation Services Pricing

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Type Transcripts charges a fixed price per recorded minute, so you to know the cost of your transcription upfront. Our transcription rates are competitive with other quality legal transcription service providers and our on-time service is user-friendly and a very cost-effective way of outsourcing your legal transcription needs.

Every transcription job is unique and quotes are provided based on quality of audio, the number of speakers and your required return time for work to be finished. 

Phone Sue Jacobs for a quote 0438265155 or email or alternatively, contact us online.

Our attention to detail and speedy delivery of legal documents and transcripts means our one-off clients end up becoming long term clients.


Trial transcription encompasses the transformation of the spoken testimonies and discussions during legal proceedings into written form or digital formats. It provides the court with a mechanism for the accurate recordation wherever the hearings, depositions, trials and other court processes are conducted.

Definitely the precise legal transcribing is influential in keeping the solidness of legal hearing. In essence, it is an official piece of information that may be utilized in future contests, trials, or legal cases.

Type Transcripts staff consists of native language speakers with legal education and understanding of complex and not trivial legal language and processes. In addition to that, our quality assurance procedures requirement accuracy and precision in the every transcription.

In our legal transcription services based in the Melbourne, we provide a complete range of transcription including Court Transcription, Deposition Transcription, Statement of Witness transcription and legal document transcription among others.

Indeed, our transcription service is able to cover different legal forums like courts, law firms, legal consultation, arbitration, mediation and administrative hearing.

At Type Transcripts we regard security and confidentiality of our clients information as of capital importance. Our transcripting procedure is following strict security regulations that are in place for holding the private information that is being presented regarding the legal materials.

Please feel free to visit the FAQ page for some further reading.

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