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Type Transcripts is a trusted, Australian-owned, transcribing business that specialises in audio transcription. Firstly, you can be assured your audio recordings will be transcribed accurately to Microsoft Word text documents. Secondly, transcripts will be carefully proofed for accuracy, with attention to detail being our primary focus. We value quality and on-time delivery of your transcripts.  Our professional team of transcribers are driven to achieve fast turnarounds and quality transcripts. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies to the transcription industry. We do not outsource offshore. We do not use artificial intelligence (AI) to prepare transcripts. Our present opinion is that the level of errors and omissions in machine prepared transcripts is too high and takes longer to edit and punctuate correctly than it does for an experienced professional transcriptionist to transcribe the audio files.

Do you need audio recordings transcribed? Do you value quality transcripts delivered on time? Importantly, Type Transcripts engages skilled Australian transcribers. Type Transcripts are specialists in audio transcription and for this reason, lead the way with quality typing and transcription services. The process to have your audio recordings transcribed is simple and user friendly. That is to say, the performance of our transcribing service will surprise and amaze you.

Furthermore, we offer competitive transcription rates and deliver very fast turnarounds.  Our core focus is on quality and fast delivery. We are industry professionals, and as a result offer clients a trusted transcription and typing service.

Please call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 to have your enquiry handled quickly. Please call for an immediate quote or

Secure Data Transfer of Audio Files

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Type Transcripts uses Sharefile to receive and send clients’ data via a secure link in an email. Client data is treated in the complete confidence. For this reason, all transcribers are bound by our data handling policy. Data is deleted the work is finished. A copy of our data handling policy is available upon request.

We do not outsource offshore. Client data is routed on Australian servers.  Real people listen to your audio recording and type the transcript. We do not use automated typing tools.  Transcripts are checked for quality control by real people.

Secure data transfer of audio files using proven methods for fast, secure transfers.

Refer to the Privacy Policy for further information.

Transcribe Recordings with 99.999% Accuracy

Type Transcripts delivers 99.999% typing accuracy for clear audio recordings. More importantly, delivering 100% accuracy is the gold standard we aim to achieve, but, yes, we are human. The team are highly effective at understanding even the most difficult audio, including telephone recordings, heavy accents and background noise.

There are varying promises and guarantees across the transcription industry, some offering 98% or 99% accuracy.  Interesting statistic: one hour of voice recording will have almost 8,000 words. A 2% error rate is up to 160 typing errors. A 1% error rate is up to 80 typing errors. Comparatively, the 0.001% promise means there is less than 8 typing errors over 8,000 words. The majority of transcripts prepared by Type Transcripts will reach 100% accuracy.

Refer to our Transcription Accuracy page for more insight. This can be quite surprising!

Audio transcribing pricing
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The price to have your audio recordings transcribed is a fixed rate per audio/recorded minute. For this reason, you will know the full cost of your transcript upfront. Furthermore, our price is competitive with other quality transcribing and typing services. Finally, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies in the transcribing industry.   

The Type Transcripts’ team of audio typists have proven results in typing accurate transcripts across a broad range of industries, including workplace investigations, interviews, focus groups, meetings, legal transcription, medico-legal transcription, academic research, police interviews, lectures, podcasts and webinars.

Every transcription job is unique and quotes are provided on quality of audio received, the number of speakers and your required return time.

Well-organised Team
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Phone the very experienced business manager, Sue Jacobs, on mobile 0438265155 for an immediate quote. Sue has over 20 years’ transcription experience and is the founder and Director of Type Transcripts Pty Ltd. Alternatively, contact us via the online contact form.

Services include interviews, meetings, focus groups, courts and tribunals, police record of interviews, media, workplace investigations and medico-legal.

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