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Quality Academic Transcription Services

Type Transcripts are experts when it comes to providing high quality academic transcription services to researchers, professors and students from many universities and academic institutions across Australia.  Avoid the inevitable delays and potential errors of self-transcription by engaging our skilled transcribers to undertake your academic transcription. Our team of experienced transcribers will prepare your academic transcripts enabling you to concentrate on more critical areas of your research activities.  We understand the importance of your recorded research data and have been providing very high quality academic transcription services to universities and the academic community throughout Australia for many years. Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian online transcription business

Type Transcripts respects that your academic data is sensitive and confidential.  We offer a secure file upload facility called ShareFile for your academic research files. This file sharing platform has SSL/TLS file encryption allowing your files to transfer and be stored safely and all files are deleted upon completion of the academic transcription services. Our academic transcription team are all bound by strict confidentiality agreements, giving you added security with your academic material.

Contact Sue Jacobs, the Business Manager, directly on 0438265155 regarding your transcription inquiry or contact us for an upfront academic transcription quote.

Academic Transcription Service 99.99% Accuracy

Type Transcripts offer 99.99% accuracy with our academic transcription services if you provide clear audio files. We set the benchmark at 100% but yes we are human.

Many competitors guarantee 98% or 99% accuracy. We have done the calculations on how many errors this means in your transcript – up to 160 errors on a 60-minute recording.  Visit our Academic Transcription Accuracy page to see what accuracy rates really mean in the world of transcription. 

Academic Transcription Process

  • The Business Manager will respond to your phone or email inquiry with an upfront academic transcription quote and a secure email link  to upload your audio recordings to the cloud.  Academic research files can also be uploaded using the Files Upload page.
  • Your academic transcript is prepared as a Word document and when completed and proofed is returned via a secure downloadable link.
  • Clients are invoiced at the completion of the academic transcription work and invoices can be paid through the university accounts system, direct debit or credit card. 

Academic Transcription Pricing

University and academic  clients are charged per recorded minute allowing you to know the total cost of your academic transcription services upfront. This firm quote allows clients to apply for academic research funding and stay within budget.   Visit our Academic Transcription Rates for additional information.

Academic Transcription Services

If you have any questions about our academic transcription services please call the business manager on 0438265155  or Contact Us online for an academic transcription quote.

Please visit our FAQ page which covers many topics including formatting of academic transcripts, turnaround times for completion of academic transcripts, audio file formats and other relevant information for our secure and fast academic transcription services.

Types of Academic Transcription Services

Academic research transcription, research interview transcription, student interview transcription, focus group transcription, group discussion transcription, conference transcription services, webinar transcription and all general academic transcription services. Please contact us for your academic transcription quote.

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Academic Transcription Services

Academic transcription clients

Type Transcripts has built a very good reputation within the academic sector. Word-of-mouth has played a huge part in establishing clients throughout many universities in Australia as students or research departments experience the quality and fast transcription services delivered by Type Transcripts. Written transcription quotes are prepared in order for students or academics to apply for funding grants. These quotes detail the price per recorded minute so there are no hidden costs and you are able to stay within your funding budget. Academic clients are able to upload recordings progressively throughout the course of their project and the transcripts are fed back to clients as they are completed, which allows students or researchers to commence analysis and reports. All academic transcription services are strictly confidential and all material is destroyed within 30 days, or sooner if requested. Each academic client will be provided a secure client folder in the cloud, where audio is uploaded for transcription and transcripts are uploaded when completed. The transcription process is very streamlined and requires minimal effort from clients. Simply clink on the link, upload the recordings and the transcript is returned electronically. Please Contact Us now for an upfront quote or call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155.