Captioning Services

Captioning Services for Video on Demand Web Content (Offline Captions)

Our video captioning service offers you an all-in-one solution for captioning your post-production web video content. Type Transcripts sources experienced captioners to transcribe the video content into a Microsoft Word document and the text file is then imported into the captioning software to produce your captioning files.

Captioning is in high demand with accessibility laws introduced for content on the Web. Synchronising text to a video file is labour-intensive and requires the utmost attention to detail and quality captioning software. Type Transcripts uses leading edge software to produce your caption files.

Because there is no single video format that is supported by every media playback device (eg Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, Quicktime etc), a website may need to stream the video in multiple formats.  The same applies to caption files.  No single caption file format will be suitable for every media playback device.  You need to discuss with your webmaster or IT department as to what media playback device will be used so the appropriate captioning file format is provided to support that device.   Read more

Captioning Services: the process

Send your video files via a URL or any suitable file sharing platform.  The video is downloaded at this end, the transcript is typed and proofread.   The completed and proofed transcript is returned to the client as an electronic Microsoft Word document.   The transcript is then imported into the captioning software and time-coded to synchronise the text with the video file.  The caption file is exported depending upon which media playback device you intend displaying the video on.  To support a variety of playback devices, your provider may need to stream the video in multiple formats which will need multiple caption file formats.  Please discuss this with your webmaster or IT people about the specifics of the media playback devices and the captioning file formats  they will require.  Read more.

How much will Captioning Services cost?

Quotes are provided upfront.  You will receive a quote for your transcript and your captioning file.  Our pricing is very competitive. You will be quoted per video minute so you know the cost of your transcript and the captioning file upfront.  Click for a quick quote.

Accessibility and Compliance with WCAG

To make the web video content accessible for users with auditory disabilities, information in addition to the spoken content (such as indications of applause, laughter, music playing, or the presentation of visual-only content) are necessary.  This is referred to as “alternative for time-based media” to describe the descriptive text.

Captions provide the text component of the content available via the audio track. Captions not only include the dialogue, they also identify who is speaking and include non-speech information conveyed through sound, including meaningful sound effects.  Captions are not needed when the synchronised media is in and of itself, an alternate presentation of information that is also presented via text on the Web page. For example, if information on a web page is accompanied by a synchronised media presentation that presents no more information than is already presented in text, then it would not need to be captioned since the information is already presented on the page in text or in text alternatives.

Transcripts (alternative for time-based media) and Captioning Files

Every transcript and captioning file is individually proofed word for word to ensure it is accurate and synchronises with the video.  If the audio is clear you can expect a minimum of 99.99% accuracy for your files.

2-3 day turnaround

Transcripts and caption files are produced within 2 to 3 days depending on the size of the project. Prices will vary according to turnaround time, audio/video quality, audio content, the level of descriptive text required and speaker identification. A firm quote is supplied when you contact us so you will know the cost upfront. Have the following information to hand to receive your quote:

  • Length of video?
  • Video format?
  • How many speakers?
  • Identification of speakers required?
  • Level of descriptive text required?
  • Timeframe required?
  • Audio/video quality?
  • Type of video playback device?

Urgent Captioning Services within 24 hours

An additional fee per video minute will apply for urgent files

If you have any questions about our transcription services please email or call us on 0438265155

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