Media Transcription

Quality transcription of media files

Type Transcripts provides quality audio transcription services for the digital and written media both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Editors and producers use fast overnight turnarounds provided by Type Transcripts to meet tight deadlines for producing and publishing their content.

Type Transcripts is a genuine Australian transcription business and does not outsource offshore. Your media transcripts are transcribed and proofed by real people. We provide superior service offering quality transcription of your media audio recordings for clients who need it done correctly the first time!

Your transcription inquiry and quote is handled by the Business Manager. Phone 0438265155 for a quote or click here for a quick quote.

Accurate Transcription 99.99%

Type Transcripts offer 99.99% accuracy with our media transcription services if you provide clear audio files. We always aim for 100% but yes we are human. We have explained error rates in our Transcription Accuracy blog which will detail how many errors you can expect against differing accuracy rates promised.

Many competitors guarantee 98% or 99% accuracy.  A  60-minute audio recording will have approximately 8000 words transcribed over 13 pages.  A 98% accuracy rate means your transcript could have up to 160 errors. A 99% accuracy rate up to 80 errors in a 60-minute recording.  With our 99.99% accuracy rate, there will be less than 8 errors in a 60-minute recording.

Transcription Process: how it works

  • The Business Manager will respond promptly to your phone or email inquiry, providing an upfront transcription quote for media transcription services and a secure link via email which allows you to securely upload your audio recordings online.
  • Your media recording is transcribed as a Word document by a real person (not voice recognition software) and your transcript is returned electronically via a secure downloadable link.
  • Business clients are invoiced at the completion of the media transcription job.

Transcription Pricing

Type Transcripts charges a fixed price per recorded minute, allowing you to know the cost of your transcription services upfront. Our transcription rates are competitive with other quality transcription service providers.  Phone 0438265155 for a quote or  Click for a quick quote.