Transcription Explained

You will be impressed with the quality and service and you will be supporting a small Australian business.  Call Sue Jacobs on 0438265155 now for an upfront quote or use QUICK QUOTE to receive a quote via email. 

Transcription Services Australia Wide

Location is no barrier to receiving high quality transcription services. Whether you live in major capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or regional cities like Cairns, Towsville, Mackay, Rockhampton – or even if you are remotely located in rural Australia – so long as you have an internet connection we can receive your digital files and prepare your transcripts. We receive your audio recordings over the internet via secure Citrix Sharefile SSL/TLS data transfer so you can be assured that your data is stored securely in cloud platform. You can read more on our Security page on how we store and destroy your files sent for transcription services.


Academic Transcription Services

Type Transcripts services many academic institutions and universities throughout Australia. We often receive many referrals within a university when academics experience the quality of academic transcription services that Type Transcripts delivers and colleagues pass on our information to other colleagues in need of a quality transcription service. If you contact us for a quote, we can provide an upfront quote for your project which enables you to stay within your budget. Universities that we regularly service for academic transcription services are University of New South Wales, Australia National University, Central Queensland University, University of Notre Dame, Sydney University, Victoria University, Flinders University, University of Tasmania, University of Western Sydney and University of Canberra. Please visit our Transcription Accuracy page for further details and our Transcription Rates for further information.

Legal Transcription Services

Type Transcripts has built a very good reputation on delivering high quality transcripts for legal interviews, witness proofing interviews, client interviews and any audio recordings requiring a very high level of accuracy. Our legal transcription services will deliver your transcripts on time and by outsourcing your overflow transcription services, frees up your administration team for other duties. You can be assured of a quality transcript every time. Please refer to our Transcription Accuracy which highlights error rates across the industry. Type Transcripts will provide 99.99% accuracy for clear audio recordings, eliminating the need for additional time spent proofing and fixing transcripts. Barristers and solicitors also use our legal transcription services for outsourcing their dictations for correspondence and legal documents. We service a team of barristers in Sydney regularly and they receive same day or next day turnaround in most instances for their legal dictations. Please contact us for a quote.

Transcription Services for all Industries

Whatever your transcription requirements, be it Research Transcription Services, Finance Transcription Services, Academic Transcription Services, Legal Transcription Services, Media Transcription Services, Interview Transcription Services, we are your solution. The team at Type Transcripts are dedicated to providing a quality transcript of your audio recording every time. Please contact us now for a quick upfront quote.

Offering Secure Transcription Services

Type Transcripts understands the importance of using secure processes to safeguard your audio recordings and your transcripts. We use Citrix Sharefile which is a world leader in offering cloud and file sharing solutions. It uses SSL/TLS encryption. Click for further information on File Security. The team at Type Transcripts are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and we are happy to sign additional client agreements as required for highly sensitive information.

Your audio recordings are important

Because we value the quality of our transcription services, it is important that clients undertake every measure possible to create a high quality recording for transcription. The better the audio quality, the better outcomes for your transcript. Microphones should be in close vicinity to speakers and any background noise should be kept to a minimum, especially shuffling of papers. Participants should endeavour to speak one at a time. Our team are great at extracting a quality transcript from poor recordings as we have the correct tools available to work with poorer quality recordings. However, high quality audio is less expensive to transcribe so it’s in the client’s best interest to obtain the best quality audio recording to be sent off for transcription. We can accept most audio formats, so please contact us for further information.


The best way to have your questions answered is to ring the Business Manager on 0438265155. Sue will answer your questions immediately and if she misses your call, Sue will ring you back very quickly. Type Transcripts offers amazing client service and you will only deal with the Business Manager, no automated voices. If you would like to browse the FAQ page, it does address many questions that clients have, but the Business Manager can give you a comprehensive outline of our transcription services if you give her a call. You can also contact us for a quick quote.